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Since internet has become more infrequent than I thought, I’m going to start writing these out longhand and uploading them when I get the chance. So posted date may be different than the date they were written.

I should give a little exposition on the setting here. Near the southern end of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is the Peninsula de Osa, a large piece of land curving around the Golfo Dulce. The environment is typically wet lowland rainforest, with steep narrow slopes heading up small mountains inland. I’m working at a private nature reserve with a small research station right on the coast near Corcovado National Park. This time of year, this “wet” rainforest is relatively dry, especially on a south-western facing beach.

The bugs aren’t too bad at all this time of year. Neither is the mud, the other big downer of tropical travel. This spot is especially good for birding, as macaws and trogons are abundant. Large cats, jaguars and pumas, are also found here. There are coral reefs just offshore, but they are not terribly healthy.

This place is set up for school groups, research teams, and the occasional boatful of tourists. We get all kinds here. Anything from wide-eyed American middle schoolers to families on holiday looking for a cheaper alternative to the resorts. Everyone comes in on a boat, as the closest paved road is several hours away on foot.

This is a small operation. Only three fulltime staff on-site, plus the manager, plus the occasional cook or two. Then there’s a couple of people like me: the wayward volunteer.

So that’s it. Sorry—no names. If this place sounds good you’ll have to find it on your own.

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