Oh the Monkeys

Monkeys will try to pee on your head.  Then they’ll laugh at you.  Seriously.  You can’t tell me that sound isn’t laughter.  They think it’s freaking hilarious.

Of the four Costa Rican species, howlers and squirrel monkeys never do it, as far as I know.  But spider monkeys will often try.  Capuchins are the worst.  They’ll also throw things, like twigs and fruit.  Little bastards.

Is it only humans they do this to?  Do they also pee on tapirs or jaguars too?  Or other monkeys?  Are they threatened or amused by humans just enough to direct well-aimed pee streams at them?  Do they hold it in case they run into hapless tourists on the ground below?

When monkeys are overhead, don’t look up.


And don’t give them alcohol, either

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