More on the Mangos

I’ve definitely started to come around on the green mango thing.  We have several mango trees on the property here, and we get lucky if we see any ripe ones.  Waiting for them to get yellow is usually a losing battle, and not just against the insects.  Everybody loves them some mango.

Monkeys are the usual culprits.  A troop will move through, sometimes right next to our main building, and raid the tree.  Each monkey will usually eat three or four, or rather, pick and take a single bite out of four and drop the rest of the fruit to the ground.  The little punks waste kilos of fruit a day.

Damn.  I wanted those mangos.
            Damn. I wanted those mangos.

Tapirs, too, eat mangos.  They usually come around at night and clean up on dropped fruit.  They usually just eat leaves, but I guess there’s no resisting sugary fruit.  The one around here is so bold that it comes by regularly, and last night we had over a dozen people out with lights and cameras within ten meters of him as he chewed complacently.

Coatis go crazy for fruit, and can climb to the tips of branches for the best.  Surprisingly, Tayras will also climb trees for mangos.  They’re a kind of giant black tree weasel, so it’s unexpected that a carnivore would do that.

Lot of competition for food out there.  But this time of year, there’s plenty to go around.  Just stop wasting fruit, monkeys.

Seriously, I had plans for those mangos.
    Seriously, I had plans for those mangos.

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