Tomorrow I leave this station.  One boatride, several busrides, most likely a few awkward requests for directions later, and a little luck later I will be in Monteverde, starting my next internship with an institution there.  I’ll cover it in more detail on location.

The point is, I’m not leaving Costa Rica, and will continue work as a naturalist, but in a completely different environment.  I’m bidding goodbye to the coast and heading for the cloud forest.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

So I’ve said goodbye to the staff, my fellow interns, the docile tapirs, the omnipresent crabs, the puntable toads, warm ocean and intertidal life.  But the thing I’m going to miss most?  Ocean sunsets.  You just can’t beat that.  There’s something primeval about watching the sun go down literally over the edge of the world, setting fire to half the sky before disappearing over a perfect horizon.  It’s been a spectacular phenomenon for the entirety of human history, and it still takes your breath away.

So I’m letting all that go.  For now.  I’ll be at least six months in Monteverde, and after that, we’ll see.  Look out, cloud forest herps.  Here I come.


And so long, you magnificent bastard.

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