New Kids on the Block

Back into the swing of things, and it couldn’t be with a better group.  A university tropical ecology class arrived last night, not too large of a crowd and plenty enthusiastic.  The last group was over forty, and it was middle schoolers.  I have nothing against younger students, but man were these ones high maintenance.  Leaving doors open and letting coatis in.  Not shaking out their boots and getting stung by scorpions.  One kid even got bored and stuck a pair of forceps into an electrical socket during lab time.  It was almost an unexpected opportunity to talk about natural selection, but I opted for a stern lecture on electrical safety instead.

My point is, it’s good to have a mature group that already has a base in environmental science.  And they’re here to learn more, so they’ll be easier to engage.  Plus, it’s always nice to have extra pairs of eyes wandering around campus.  Been a while since we’ve had a large snake or cool frog sighting.

Or both at the same time.
             Or both at the same time.

These guys know what to look for.  It’s nice to have a group that can appreciate the adaptations of epiphytes to live in the canopy, or things like buttress roots on the emergent trees.  And I don’t expect them to complain about the weather.  Really, I cannot stand whining.  This group will be a welcome relief.

The brochures are lying.  It is almost never this clear here.
The brochures are lying. It is almost never this clear here.

And this is a full-term class for them, so they’ll be here for almost three months.  We’d all better get along.  I can stand a little more noise around the station, and a little slower wifi.  Just as long as they don’t drink all the chocolate milk.

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