This Month in Snakes, part 3

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? After the overabundance of rattlesnakes from a few months back, I was hesitant to do this again. But ever since the Dry Season hit, it seems like snake diversity has been playing catch up. Here we go!

Early on in the month, I nearly stepped on this enormous Oriole Snake sunning itself in a small clearing. It quickly escaped up some vines and into the trees, but I got a shot of it as it was crossing overheard. It was more black than others I’ve seen, which may indicate a different color morph in this region.

Length: 1.5 meters. Venom: none. Bite risk: high. Interest: moderate.

Second, unfortunately, has no photos, and I only got a quick glimpse since I was walking second in line and my coworker in front of me was the only one who got a good look. Which is a shame, since it was a Rainbow Boa, which we determined after a little research based on his description. I recommend looking it up. It’s a beautiful and rarely seen snake.

Next, gahh–this picture isn’t very good either, but I believe it’s a Salmon-bellied Racer. This one nearly crawled on me as I was sitting, then bolted for the trees. My camera died before it got too high up, so I was only able to get this washed-out shot after I changed batteries.

Length: 1.1 meter (approx). Venom: none. Bite risk: unknown. Interest: moderate, but it was a slow day.

Next, we’ve got–whoa, holy crap guys, big freaking snake!

Length: over 2 meters. Venom: none. Bite risk: very high. Interest: nerdgasmic.

Boa constrictor, man, boa constrictor. A big one, too–huge! Enormous!

That’s a person in the background–a real, normal sized person! And a big-ass snake!

Holy herpetology, just look at that monster! It’s, like, over two whole meters of solid reptile. Just lying there, all cool and stuff.

The monkeys where like, “Ahh!” and the snake was like, “Leave me alone, I’ll eat you later,” and I was like, “I wanna pet you,” and my coworkers were like, “Nooo…”

Merry Christmas, folks.


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