About Me

I am a naturalist, a biologist, an American citizen, a free thinker, and a fairly private person.

I created this blog because I love Costa Rica and have so much so say about my experiences. The idea is to provide some nature/science education, cultural insight, and maybe a few laughs to anyone interested. Also to update my friends and family on what I’m up to without emailing everybody. I love to tell stories, so this is a way to do that instead of always bugging my coworkers.

I’m not especially tech-literate, and can be a little technophobic, so don’t expect this site to look too nice. The photos are often crap as well, but that’s mostly because I haven’t decided to spring for a better camera.

However, all the photos are mine. As is the content. Every word, unless quoted and cited. As mentioned above, I am a private person, so I will not use any names and usually don’t even show people’s faces, even if they give permission. I also rarely use the full names of places I live–I prefer to be anonymous.

To that extent, feel free to browse, comment, critique, criticize, or commiserate. But please, I have one request: If you know who I am, please do not use my name in comments.

This blog is for you, for me, and for Costa Rica.

Pura vida.